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[dropcaps_black]Welcome to Diskos, the most versatile theme you have ever seen. We created Diskos theme with user ease of mind as our first priority. Diskos theme looks like a chameleon, through our user friendly control panel you can alter 90% of the theme’s styling without touching any css or coding whatsoever. Under theme’s options you will find the style tab including the following settings:[/dropcaps_black]

  • Leather Color: The Leather Color setting allows you to easily change the whole look of your site. Here you can change the color of the leather patterns used in top and bottom menus. You can select through 4 colors (Black, Red, Blue and Green).
  • Background Pattern: The Background Color setting provides the ability to easily change the color used as the background. Colors can be inputted via the colorchooser popup selector or manually using a hex code in the input field.
  • Body Elements: The Body Elements setting provides the ability to have light colored elements (e.g. the logo or the dots dividers), when dark background is selected, and dark colored elements for when a lighter background is selected.
  • Body Text Color: The Body Text Color setting provides the ability to easily change the color used as the Text Color (paragraph) of the whole document.
  • Featured Color 1: This is the default color for all links (hover) used across the template.
  • Featured Color 2: This is the default color of all decorative dashed lines (borders) of many theme elements and on some text widgets like sidebar widgets.
  • Featured Color 3: This is the default text color used in most headings across this theme. It is also the color of button labels.
  • Featured Color 4: This is the default text color of some headings e.g. the main heading (title) of all the pages and some module headings.
  • Featured Color 5: This is the default color of the text on both the top and bottom menus.


[message type="info"]Click on the screenshot below to see how the “style” control panel looks like.[/message]


Gantry Framework Overview

This is a video demonstration of the powerful Gantry framework in action, Please spend a minute to watch it and you will get an idea of what this theme is capable of doing!